Game Thread: Illinois at Wisconsin

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St. Louis
I know it won't happen, but it would be nice if this year turns into a disaster for Lovie and Whitman to come to an agreement for Lovie to retire. I know financially there's almost no wiggle room, but Lovie is obviously not the future.
And it gets even worse! And the receiver just stops running the route!
North Bethesda, Maryland
Honestly, Ethel Mertz could have torched us from my AARP Comedy Special on VHS...exclusively at Walmart
It’s tough for the defense when they’re on the field so much.

Its tough on the OC when the QB can’t throw a reliable dig route. Ultimately it’s Rods fault for not adjusting or recruiting the right players for his system. I’m not trying to pick on Peters but how good would a John Beutjer (sp?) look right now?
Faber College
So frustrating having to watch this Sh$t. I was hoping for something better. We look not-smart. Probably the coaching - I'd guess.
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