Game Thread: Illinois vs Chattanooga

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Art my man, I want so much for you to succeed.... but throwing quick spot routes high will get you benched and your WR in the injury tent getting their ribs Xrays. Put the ball on em dude.
I was hoping his injury was most of his accuracy issue. That’s clearly not the case.


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Lot's of duplicate numbers on O & D


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In college you're allowed to have an offensive and defensive player with the same number
The rule is you cannot have the same number on field at same time. If you do they have to change numbers. But you can't do it to hide a player.
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I very much respect the effort our defense has put up all season long .........i would rate them as Elite lite only because of the quality level of the opponents..
If we continue this effort against wisky and further i think you could drop the lite tag........Didn't have a clue we would be this dominant eruptus tough......


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what is that strange dance the cheerleader/band folks were just doing?
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