Game Thread: Illinois vs Chicago State

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I must admit ---- I'm a tad underwhelmed by Curbelo after 1-1/2 games (turnovers and outside shooting). Trent is clearly the better option at PG it appears. I had mistakenly assumed pre-season that Curbelo might overtake Frazier at some point in the season. I no longer think that's going to happen.
I watched one of his HS games and for all the great things he did, I thought he could get a little fast and loose. Got away with it then because of talent and quickness, but thought he’d have some growing pains going against better athletes and more of them. But the talent is there and just while I’m typing this he’s had a nice stretch and now another TO. He’ll get there. To me the progress he, Grandison and Hawkins make will be the difference between an Elite Eight contender and a NC contender.
It's his 2nd game. Barely 20 minutes of game time. He is the type of player who needs to make mistakes to grow as a player. Love his aggressive play.

Yeah hes doing fine hes gonna have some turnovers early because of his aggressive style of play and trying to get into the lane and create .
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During the Groce years, there were long stretches where the offense had no sense of urgency. They would run the shot clock down to nothing just passing around the perimeter.

With Curbelo in the game, we don't have to worry about that. Dude is always in attack mode.
Any chance of 100 with the starters on the bench in warmups?
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I feel like Curbelo is just trying to do to much to prove himself. Wow nice dunk. But I love his aggressiveness.
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