Game Thread: Illinois vs Cincinnati

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have to wonder if these team has deeper issues. they don’t seem to be playing for each other, lacking in effort..
I think that people are upset right now and crazy comments result. They have an identity and role issue right now. This team has to find its way. I suspect it will. BU's teams, historically, get better as the season goes on because they gel. This is not a top 25 team right now, but I suspect, come March, it will be.
I believe they may have forgot to practice the offense... and defense... and special team. Oops that's football 🙄
Brad saw how piss pour our offense was against Marquette and this is what we get a week later
Why do we weave for 15 seconds of the clock when we are down 23 points?
Can someone tell Damonte that he's allowed to shoot. We can't play 4 on 5 on offense.
that's not the main issue...7 total points in 2d half 13 minutes...with no adjustments and outrebounded/hustled. Cincy is impressive and we have outperformed
I love DW but he (along with everyone else tonight) is no threat to score. He has been on the floor all night. We are bad, but on top of bad, we are playing 4 on 5 on offense again.
I read your comment, but I can't figure out who the 4 are. After our initial run, it has looked like 0 on 5.
Could there be a more incompetent coach than Brad Underwood? From Loyola to Cincinnati, good coaches pants him. Poor fundamentals, no in game adjustments.
There must not be many good coaches in the Big Ten then based on our record last year.
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