Game Thread: Illinois vs Loyola Chicago

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Can't wait for tipoff. I'm getting that twitchy look of a gunnery officer who's got a 5" 54 cal HE round stuck in the breech block of the main gun mount on a destroyer in heavy seas.
CBS online has them picking Loyola. Keep picking against the Illini. It makes you look even dumber than you portray yourselves.
Rece Davis on ESPN said taking us -7 was "free money". Hope he's right.

Fort Wayne, IN
All life is suffering. Only when we accept that do we cease to suffer. Here's hoping the Rambler faithful have ample time to practice that acceptance this afternoon.
Well...1. suffering is part of life (we Illini know that intrinsically). 2. suffering is caused by desire. 3. eliminate desire and you eliminate suffering. 4. We must follow the holy 8 fold path to eliminate desire an thus suffering. These are the noble truths.
Almost time

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