Game Thread: Illinois vs Loyola Chicago

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Mokena, IL
Wow Ayo going out on a really bad performance. How many times can you get the ball stolen?!

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Good for you Loyola..... You deserve it today. Keep it up!
Ayo was by far the worst player for us today. Absolutely terrible.

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Go Loyola Ramblers. You are now my adopted team. Next up to lose Michigan.
Just not our day. Loyola is a good team, but this hurts.

We have no choice but to learn from this and move on. It is what it is.
Kofi has been open as soon as he starts rolling when the double on Ayo starts about 20 times today.
All in all good season, the best we've had in years. Look forward to next year. Miller took a step in this game. Good luck to Ayo in the pros
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