Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

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This is such an Illinois way to lose!

1st down approaching mid-field and our QB costs us so many yards we have to punt out of our end zone….. it is kind of hilarious.
time to blame the OC?
I mean it's not even blame so much as he isn't remotely qualified for the position and we have no chance of being successful with him in that position.

But that's an offseason question. The remaining games matter.
It’s not so much the terrible calls on 3rd and 2 with the clock winding down, but rather the terrible results in the red zone.
This isn’t all on Peters. Play calling when we were up 7, that cost us the game
No, it's not. The coach is on the line for not pulling Peters...and not trying to win the game in the 4th. This is really on the coach.
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