Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan State

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Hole smokes, I wasn't expecting this!
PLEASE another 20 minutes of BAD MSU, Keep the pressure and flow going, share the rock and run the floor
14 point lead AFTER the drought

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And many like me would have been plenty happy with a 5 point half time lead


Decatur, IL
We will be just fine in the future! Even after Kofi and Belo do their thang. Lets go loyalty!
We just have to get some good points in the paint, a few to keep them honest.

MSU will not continue to shoot this poorly.
Pls keep this beach house is on the line.

D is awesome...solid play by big men who are outsized. BV and Omar are solid.

Kofi would ensure a route but I will take any victory. Expect a screaming halftime by Izzo, and them to come out aggressive.
Gonna get punched in the mouth in the 2nd half (literally?🤷‍♂️). Just need a couple good runs to seal this thing
IF we consistently play share-ball, then we are at least a E8 team. And, dare I say a F4?

Need to share the ball.

IL needs to be called an assist-U
Yes MSU will not turn ball over and shoot that poorly in the 2nd half
The first 5-6 minutes of the second half will tell tell tale.
We have to respond to what they bring and keep trading baskets.

No more scoring droughts, please.
I am not surprised. We are an unpredictable team. Undy probably cracked that whip. This is Illinois basketball, anything (good and bad) is possible! Let's get this W. I don't care if it's Weber ball.
So far this hasn't had nearly the same big game feel that Purdue did. MSU might be more talented but they have no poise in the early going - they look like we did against Marquette and Cinci
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