Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan

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Jones is doing to Frazier what he does to everyone else, hope he flips the script

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Fox Sports putting this game on like...
We should be up by 20, but such is college hoops, I love these games. We need this to get ready for gritty wins in the tourney.
Not sure we should be up 20. Michigan is playing stellar defense. We're as stifled as we were in NCAA tourney game #2 last spring.
Glad we are not playing an elite team tonight. We would be buried by now. Just no intensity by the team.
Can the board collectively take a Xanax or is everyone too deep in Jack and Cokes for that to be safe?
We're fine.
I still feel okay! If our shots start falling, we can blow this open. I don’t think we look emotionally flat or anything, so I’m not worried (yet).

Do NOT want this one to give me my first gray hairs, though … let’s win comfortably please! Lol.
We need our PG to get the offensive moving and not dribbling 30ft from the basket. Too much standing. Michigan is really over playing. Maybe back cut. Man we miss Curbelo tonight. Scum is hustling in D. Get Kofi the ball in the post!
We are not fine

Our O is not as fluid as it used to be, nor is it as good as it ought to be

I'll say it again, Illini can't start their plays because scUM is over-pursuing. Mini-Howard is fronting Kofi. Guys gotta figure it out at halftime.
Our guards need to get into the offense quicker. We’re starting offensive possessions with 18-20 seconds on the clock. Also, maybe feed our 300 lb center.
Ug, this game feels like the Loyola game. They're overplaying everything, and we don't really have an answer
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