Game Thread: Illinois vs Minnesota

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We should just wave the white flag and surrender. This is a demoralizing season. It is time for JW to pull the trigger. This is terrible, this is worse than the Beckman years. That is truly sad.
North Bethesda, Maryland
Wow... I just got home and checked the BIG scores...we’re as bad as Penn State
Geneseo, IL
I appreciate all the diehards on here that still care. I don’t think I do anymore. I did watch the first five minutes of the game but I didn’t want to waste this weather so I got some things done outside. When I put the truck away I heard on the radio broadcast that it was 28-7. Unfortunately for Whitman he has to overcome the legacy of decades of athletic dept. mismanagement. In terms of winning this program is much worse off now after five years of Smith than they were under Beckman or Cubit. This is so bad that I don’t want to invest any time or interest anymore. Thanks for the therapy session.
Chicago, IL
These refs haven't missed a call on Illinois today. I know it doesn't matter, but still. It's also another sign of bad coaching
its amazing how when the game is out of reach we decide to play with aggressive play calling.
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