Game Thread: Illinois vs Nebraska

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That's so weird, considering Ayo might come back next year.

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i don't know why...but i am more nervous about this game than any other this season so far.
I understand. But the game gives us a glimpse of Illini future without Ayo. I don't know why exactly I'm not nervous about this game. If Illini win, fine, great team effort without Ayo; if they lose, built-in excuse: no Ayo. But this Illini team is clearly one of the best in the land.
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This could be a real offensive struggle. Hope they don't get down early. Nebraska will be tripling Kofi. We will miss Ayo's assists and managing the offense when we get down. DMW can't hesitate on 3's from here on out. Neither can Trent. Let's go boys! Show us the future.

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On one hand I'm grateful, for the players and coaches and for the fans, that they've been able to play this season. On the other, it's sad that they haven't enjoyed the crowds they so richly deserve. Ayo's among the greatest ever to play in Huff or AH. I wish he'd had 16k+ watching him all the way this season.

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Honestly if we want to go far in the tournament we’re gonna need better play from our support players. A game against Nebraska without Ayo may be the perfect thing to get the support cast going heading to the end of the season
I think Ayo being out tonight is a great thing for everyone else.. I'm excited to see how we play
But Adam 0 for 2 Fts. Not a good sign. It's early. Frazier has to take charge. He just missed a 3.
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