Game Thread: Illinois vs Ohio State

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I swear neither team wants to win this game
Evansville, IN
Have we so clearly lost a game on free throws yet this year?
My god OSU is giving us a gift and we are too nice to accept it. We don't breed athletes, we build character at the UofI.
Evansville, IN
My wife isn't listening, but I keep saying that I hope we score. Somebody jinx it.
Goodness gracious, this is the complete opposite OT as the Minnesota game.
Evansville, IN
Lol... Illinois rule in effect at 2:00 or UNDER 2:00? Or all of overtime?
Former Krush Cow
Chicago, IL
Hill is shooting 22% this game...he does NOT take that shot. There are so many hotter hands out there right now.
Hill is cold, so yeah it makes sense for him to try to take the game over...

I don't mind him trying to take over by maybe driving to the lane, but this 1 on 1 fadeaway crap is getting really old.
Not only did he have a timeout, he called for an iso. That's terrible.

and in his eyes maybe he feels better about not giving Thad a chance to set up the D. He might have a little better idea of that situation than us.
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