Game Thread: Illinois vs Penn State

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Will be interested to see who starts tonight.....first 3-4 minutes will be critical
Thinking we'll see more Grandison this game, kinda nervous.
If we don’t, that’s coaching malpractice. He has been the spark we’ve needed off the bench on multiple occasions. Hopefully a spark won’t be needed tonight.
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Of course we'll have to wait and miss the first 5 minutes because the Purdue/OSU game will go to overtime....or the last 5 minutes will take 25 minutes.:rolleyes:
There was a time when I’d expect us to be up 15 at the half and coast to a 20 point win in a game like this. This year, who knows?
I think we will see some real energy at the outset, will have to maintain the high level.

If we could put together a full 40 minutes of inspired high effort play we would be hard to beat.
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Maybe if none of us can watch, the team will get off to a good start?
They were really jacking up 3’s their last game. We better be in their face from the start.
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Was almost a guartantee to see a shakeup, and will be interesting to see if DMFW off the bench will eliminate the defensive lapses we've had at the first substitutions.
I agree. The sub-patterns or impulses with Grandison and Hutcherson have been really weird. Both have been pulled multiple times after a series of great plays. Its almost as if he has them in in a perfunctory way and just continues with his pre-existing sub-pattern despite their good play. And yet he (to date) has given AC a free pass to drive the lane with no real plan and turn it over repeatedly...
Who are you fools who don’t realize Hutcherson is in Cali working on his back injury and hasn’t set a foot on the court this season?
I’m thinking Penn State 78 illinois 76. Penn State shoots 58%. We miss 12 free throws
Do college basketball games ever last two hours? just feel like this happens every time. Shouldn't they just be a little more realistic with their start times (assuming BTN is the reason the times are staggered 2 hrs)
Watch out for Myreon Jones. Key player to stop. Had a killer look in his eye during their last game.
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Who are you fools who don’t realize Hutcherson is in Cali working on his back injury and hasn’t set a foot on the court this season?

Not to mention there was no Griffith on the team last year, so I assume he meant Griffin. They weren't "chased out" by BU. Especially in Griffin's case. His mom was the issue. I would love to have seen Tev stay, but not sure how his PT would have played out. He was a mess on defense.
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