Game Thread: Illinois vs Purdue

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what? we didn't stop them on one play last set - what's the difference we give them the ball on the 30 vs the 4?
How can anybody judge the performance of the team today when there are 14 players out? They just punted from the 35 yards line because they don’t have a field goal kicker.
St. Louis
That was a garbage call. He barely landed before they blew the whistles.
cause we're illinois. Lovie should be shouting all kinds of crap at this crew. this nice guy crap gets no where with refs at this level.
They are going to stack the box. Nice change at least QB. Robinson was afraid to throw the ball and when he did it was very weak.
He can't see over the line. I've stood near him, he's not 6 foot 1.
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