Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

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Malcolm Hill suffered a hamstring injury on a fall at practice yesterday afternoon. Looks like he'll try to go tonight.
But Hill is laboring and hurting.

Malcolm Hill is really hobbling. Sore hamstring after fall in practice on Monday. Will warm up and try to go, but he's hurting. #dechr
I swear, there is a Basketball God and he wants our program to die.
The basketball gods demand retribution for our extensive string of good fortune with hiring an AD after 3 months.
Well its been, what, 2 or 3 games since someone got hurt?

We were due, guys...
Jcl is going to lead the B1G in scoring at some point. Dude is gonna be a flat out bucket getter once he develops a little more of his driving game
JCL is the best shooter we've had since....

I am 51, and I loved Altenberger, Bradford, and the three from the 05 team but I don't think I have seen anyone with a purer stroke. Solid mechanics. Great rotation. And for the most part, nothing but net. Hope the kid plays here for 4.
Not open for further replies.