Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

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Bethalto, IL
This game is like watching two barges race.
Hayes might have met his match in Korsak. Dude is good.
Other teams just continue to make it look so easy against us. Getting a 2 yard run is a struggle for us after racking up over 300 on the #7 team in the country. When will the inconsistency end??????
Bethalto, IL
Illinois is as predictable as the sun coming up. Beat a top 10 team then sputter against sister of the blind college.

Yet, I continue to watch.
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Wouldn’t Isaiah Williams be worth a shot at qb? Peters just seems so predictable
Not IMO. He's spent the last 9 months playing receiver, and he didn't set the world on fire last year with his arm especially. Gotta go out and find a transfer or hope the recruit coming in will be ready after 1 year. Sad state right now....
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