Gonzaga coach Mark Few cited for DUI

What ever happened to human integrity? ...I know I'm old fashioned and need to step back and keep my mouth shut.

Nothing wrong with that opinion, but our justice system relies on an adversarial relationship between the accuser and accused. You can take responsibility if you want, but the way punishment and guilt are often negotiated by the parties to avoid a long expensive process, there's a heavy incentive to take the furthest and most extreme position possible so that when you work your way through the system, you wind up with a reasonable or more desirable charge and punishment. It's not really built for integrity, and if you have money to hire good representation (or get the DA/judge/police chief) elected, you're going to have a lot better luck with it. But you knew that.
Urbana, IL
Cops saw him zig-ZAGing and pulled him over. They suspected he had a Few too many. They made him walk 10 steps heel to toe. He completed the first six, but stumbled on the final four.
I wonder what his BAYLor was set at?