House of 'Paign TBT

Forgot how good HOP was and entertaining when all other sports were stopped.

Enjoyed seeing Billy Garrett jr. Wished he would've been part of the Malcolm Hill/Kendrick Nunn class.

Not sure who will be the additions, will they even be former Illini. How about that player who played for Neveda that is from Champaign.
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Ray rice was a name floating around last year. But new contract/ team got in the way I think. Not sure of status now.
Mccanmey should be good. Need another ball handler.

hopefully get some more international players.

thought Frazier/ damonte possible this year but NO in a good way.

I’m laughing right year maybe we have tejon Lucas and Alan griffin come back.
Mark smith!!!
That was my first reaction too. My second reaction isn't so sure about that. Meyers got sidelined for something he said. How long will it be before teams think the issue has quieted enough take the potential PR hit to hire a bench player? Is the value of playing to keep in practice more than the risk? I'm sure he would need insurance. I don't know how much it costs to cover the practices/games.
I don't think Meyers would come play in TBT yet but I also think his NBA days are done. Why bring a backup-backup big onto your squad that might cause some issues with fans when that guy will probably never see the floor? Just don't see it happening at this point in his career.
Could "TBT" ever turn into a League? Maybe even just a Playoff system type tournament with seeds versus a single elimination?
I love that it is just a tournament. It's not the best basketball in the world, so turning it into something more would probably make it get stale.

However, would love for it to be a true double elimination tournament.