Illini Basketball 2020-2021

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Is this the best Illini team ever "on paper"? In the last 30 years?

1: Curbello
2: Frazier
3: Ayo
4: Foster Jr
5: Kofi

Don’t know about “on paper” but just try and project the mins for each player. Weakness would be no. of frosh but not sure what the team would look like in another year. 2004-5 had a lot of jrs but suspect this team would lose several players before their jr year. Certainly a chance for BU to show his coaching chops.
Miller started at Manual as a freshman. You don't play at Manual if you don't play tough ball-you-man defense.
Both Curbelo and Miller seem quicker to me than Ayo. May be just perception but quickness like Trent enables them to stay in front of their man. Also both seem better with their off hands than Ayo or Trent were their freshman year. They do give up size opposed to Ayo and Dre. Hopefully Hawkins can also play defense.
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Miller started at Manual as a freshman. You don't play at Manual if you don't play tough ball-you-man defense.

In the event Kofi indeed stays in school, here's a reminder of the Andy Katz "way too early" power 36 for 1920-21. He seems to indicate that Ayo also has to stay in in Champaign for us to stay at #21. (No mention of our Freshmen.)

21) Illinois: The Illini are hard to rank because of the pending decisions for Ayo Dosunmu and Kofi Cockburn. Cockburn declared for the NBA draft. If he stays in the draft, then the Illini slide down. Dosunmu’s decision means the difference between in and out of the Power 36. Losing Alan Griffin to Syracuse was a bit of a shocker. Still, the Ilini will have Trent Frazier, Giorgi Bezhanishvili and Da’Monte Williams back.
^ Yeah, I am TOTALLY fine flying under the radar, but I think this team "deserves" to be top 15 or top 10 if everyone returns ... I know, I know, it's all speculation, but we ended the year playing very well, IMO. We were clicking. I think Ayo will go pro and Kofi will stay, and even with that we would likely start the season ranked.
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Haven’t seen any Big Mac news in a few days. Anyone got any updates?
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I was really excited going into the 05 season, but mostly on pre-season rankings and nothing else. With the amount of information available to us now, and following here on loyalty now, I can honestly say, IF Kofi and Ayo come back, this will be the most anticipated season in Illinois basketball for me.
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Thought this was interesting, these percentages are based on Reddit college basketball subreddit game threads. The percentage is based on percentage of comments that complain about the refs. Illinois came in at 33rd whiniest (7th whiniest in the B1G) at 3.29%. Surprised we weren't higher lol. You can view the entire list here:
Miznoz #2! That's about the only poll they will be ranked in for the foreseeable future!
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