Illini Basketball 2020-2021

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Iowa City
McCaffery getting it is a joke, but I can't be the only one that saw Feliz get the award and laugh a little right? I love how he plays the game, but he talks a lot of trash and loves to play the mind games with guys.
Hmmmm......Sportsmanship in iowa.......

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It would be tough to see Ayo go, but I can't blame him. Granted, it does help us and Underwood with recruiting to show that we can get guys in the NBA. I just wish we could have seen Ayo in the tournament, watch how he would have performed. Really can't wait for Miller and hopefully, Kofi comes back. Should still be an exciting season. Man, how do you guys deal with the offseason on here?
I’m hoping for the best for Ayo, but I think the thing for us to watch for as fans is if he gets a combine invite. I haven’t seen if they’ve been issued yet.

Statistically, no combine invite means very unlikely to be drafted.
Not Iowa
Who do you suppose makes the nomination? Think that may be an important clue.
They should just skip this award at that school. Or rename it to
“The Least Irritating”. Just go back to the locker room again you bunch of Nancyboys...
Iowa City
For personal trash-talking reasons, and for payback for that game in Maui, I hope Iowa State knocks off the ducks and we get to match up with them. We owe them a beatdown for the clowning they gave us the second half of that game.
Springfiled, IL.
We will play 2 games in Champaign against Alabama A&M, McNeese State, North Florida or ULM
We will play 2 games in Champaign against Alabama A&M, McNeese State, North Florida or ULM

Thanks. Now to talk to wife into letting us skip out on the family the Friday after Thanksgiving to get some beachtime on the gulf of mexico (I might wait to tell her about the basketball games that I'll be slipping off to see until we get our flights).
CBS latest decent as we look it's hard to imagine us out of top 25 behind all of these projected top 25 B10 teams...
Iowa, wiscy, MSU, OSU, Rutgers, indiana.
Yep, I agree with your thinking here. We finished ahead of all but 2 of those teams last year and have top 40 recruits coming in to replace both Ayo and Andres, plus two redshirt juniors coming in to replace Griffen's production., so I don't see it either.
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