Illini Basketball 2020-2021

If they (Gonz... BYU) skip their tourney, does that mean whoever wins their tourney gets the automatic bid, lowering the # of at-large? (more money to the conference$$$)
I noticed that the Illini will play Neb two more times, both in Champaign, on Feb 24 and Mar 2. But the Illini do not play Michigan even though their schedule is open on March 2, does anyone have insight as to what is going on?
espn's schedule (and most other schedule pages) is only going to cause confusion as they're slow to remove rescheduled/cancelled games.

I recommend the schedule from the official site-

The Michigan game hasn't been officially been rescheduled yet. The Nebraska game in March doesn't have a set date yet (there's no game on Feb. 24th). There are weekly updates to the Big Ten schedule, so perhaps some day soon we'll get word. Go Illini
Illinois has dropped efficiency by about 0.3 points in the past 2 games. Iowa increased theirs by over a point, OSU by about a point, it's just that the 3-7 teams were super close (and still are) so shuffling happens.
Perhaps Michigan only plays 17 or 18 games instead of 20. Other Big Ten teams may also come up a bit short of the original target. This college basketball season, that’s not a failure and barely registers as a disappointment. It’s inevitable.

It's not inevitable. Half the league didn't have to postpone games. Unplayed games should be forfeits, period. Play on tired legs or take an L.
Disagree on the forfeits. It's hard to cram that many games into a short amount of days and have a team be ready for the tournament. I'd rather see the tournament pushed back another couple weeks, but it is what it is. I'm not super worried about the conference standings either. I think they'll work themselves out.
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Still no announcements on how Michigan is going to reschedule its postponed games. At this point, especially in light of Howard's comments about not wanting to force games into the schedule, there is a strong possibility that Michigan will be making up very few of those games. Of the five postponed games, we're their only once-play. It wouldn't surprise me if that's the only one Michigan makes up, dropping the other four from the schedule entirely.
Can anyone explain Loyola being #1 defensively according to kenpom. Don't watch them

They have a good amount of length compared to their competition. Other than that they just play fundamental basketball. They won't beat themselves with turnovers or defensive breakdowns. They also play at their own pace, kind of similar to a traditional Wisconsin team.
Does anyone know when we actually play Nebraska the second time it’s on the schedule twice on February 24 and March 2
Washington State
Right now Michigan has a 6 day gap. Sunday 2/21 at OSU and nothing officially scheduled until Saturday 2/27 at IU.
Does anyone know when we actually play Nebraska the second time it’s on the schedule twice on February 24 and March 2
It’s not on the schedule twice. The Michigan State game was rescheduled to Feb 23 and the Nebraska game on the 24th was moved to March 2-4.