Illini Basketball 2021-2022

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Athlon college basketball magazine is out.


Illinois 4th in Big10 behind Muck Fichigan, Purdon't & Oh how I hate Ohio State.
Illinois 4th in Big 10 recruiting behind Michi, Mich St. and Nebbie.
Illinois 15th nationally, Sweet 16 beating Wright State and Tennessee, losing to UCLA.
Kofi 1st Team Big 10, nobody else on top 3 teams.
Kofi 4th in Topp 100 (Nobody else)


Kofi 1st team All-American!
Kofi #4 offensive rebounder.
Trent #4 perimeter defender.

Lots of 4th's in there.
In what world will Andre Curbelo not make an All Big Ten team, and not be a top 100 player in college basketball this year.
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