Illini Basketball 2022-2023

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The 2021-2022 team is a case in point? They were #11 in first AP poll and then went 3-2. It was the bad start not a “too low” preseason ranking that hurt.
You are correct. I went back and looked and we did drop out of the rankings after that start so we were not so slow to drop. I had forgotten that. It did take us winning 8 of the next 9 games over 5 weeks to get back to 25 and we ended up at 19 after winning a B10 share. May just be perception and not reality but it seems like the press picks a handful of teams to hype each year before the season and rides with them throughout the year. I guess the doubt from some is warranted. It's time for us to finally take advantage of all of the talent we have and make a long run in the tournament to make them believe.


San Bernardino, Ca.
Love the match up hopefully national TV game

Just got my tickets today. Driving from LA.
Illini basketball on Friday vs UCLA. Saturday spent betting on football, including UI vs Mich, followed by Illini basketball on Sunday.
A perfect weekend of Illini sports!
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