Illini Basketball 2022-2023

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Paducah, Ky
It sounds like coach will really enjoy the "tremendous positional size" this team will bring.

I like to think the wife has been enjoying that for some time.


Are you Manbearpig ?


RJ going to take the B1G by storm this fall.
I think so too. I'm not sure where the 180-210# comes from though. As a recruit he was listed as 195 most places and as a roster freshman 205.

Doesn't matter in the end. He is going to be a stud.
Seems like a perfect walk-on. Good enough to push the scholarship players a little bit and fits in great. Played on a team full of great players in HS so this isn’t new to him. Not going to act like he’s as impactful of an addition as Skyy or similar but I think it does make a difference at the end of the day.
I wonder if he redshirts. Get his degree in four and have a fifth year option wherever he can get minutes.
Not open for further replies.