Illini Basketball 2022-2023

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Welcome to the Illini Basketball & College Basketball 2022-2023 thread :illinois:

Roster | Schedule | Tickets

Fri, Oct 28Quincy
(Exhibition Game)
Mon, Nov 7Eastern Illinois
Fri, Nov 11Kansas City
Mon, Nov 14Monmouth
Fri, Nov 18UCLA
(Las Vegas)
8:30pm ESPNU
Sun, Nov 20Baylor/Virginia
(Las Vegas)
2:00pm/4:30pm ESPN
Fri, Nov 25Lindenwood
Tue, Nov 29Syracuse
Tue, Dec 6Texas
(New York City)
Sat, Dec 17Alabama A&M
Thu, Dec 22Missouri
(St. Louis)
Thu, Dec 29Bethune-Cookman

All times CT. The remaining schedule will be posted when announced.

Illinois' 20-Game Big Ten Schedule Rotation
Home & Away – Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin
Home Only – Michigan, Michigan State, Rutgers
Away Only – Iowa, Maryland, Purdue


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I would like to politely submit to the league that I cannot wait until November and would prefer that the season start in August at the same time as football.
7 patsies mixed in with 4 neutral court tough games UCLA, Baylor/Virgina Winner, Texas, Missouri and one home tough game Syracuse

Probable record

JMO 9-2 going into conference play (not including exhibition vs Quincy).


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JMO 9-2 going into conference play

Not that these are accurate, but Barttorvik projects (7) UCLA, (2) Baylor, and (10) Texas ranked ahead of us, and (16) Virginia just behind us.

9-2 would be pretty good from that standpoint. Although it's kind of a feast or famine since most of the others are so low in the rankings. Notable others (48) Misery (84) Syracuse.
idk, .... all hype and tons of potential. For an even $$ bet - I have to go with a top 3 B10 finish and a 6 seed or better right now.
My guess on big ten e finishing odds for the Illinois next year something like this for finish.

Under 4.5 is probably -155
Under 3.5 is probably +100
Under 2.5 is probably +150
Under 1.5 is probably +200

Top 3 seems reasonable... Maybe I am biased and optimistic.
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