Illini Basketball 2022-2023

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Keep in mind that kids who are UI freshmen now were literally just babies or just being born in 2005.
I’m not old, but these things are no fun to hear because it reminds me how old I really am.

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Turtles remain perfect at home in league play…
Hood-Schifino shoots 1/14 for the Loosiers. :oops:
I still can’t fathom how an NBA team can’t find a roster spot for Kofi but can for Hawkins. I get it, the game is played way differently at the next level. I still think Kofi would impact a team in a greater fashion than Hawkins can given his current playing ability.

To me, there are just too many meh nights from Hawkins. Last game is a prime example I can’t say he played well but he was just a non factor for so long in that game that doesn’t scream NBA player or potential to me. I know and understand he had a positive impact on the game outside of the scoresheet, but I would just need to see more out of him if I were an NBA exec.
It’s super fathomable to me. Sure, CoHawk’s gonna have more “meh” nights than Kofi at the collegiate level, where Kofi was the #1 option every night.

Now put Kofi on an NBA roster where he’d be the worst player out there almost always — what’s he contributing? Because Coleman’s giving switchable defense, passing vision and a threat to shoot it from deep.


This is an extremely insightful interview with TA. I know other posters have said the same but if you have 20 minutes watch it. It speaks to TA’s efforts for illinois but also for the west side in general. Really good stuff, proud to have him representing the orange and blue…
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