Illini Football 2021

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I'm surprised after just talking with him Saturday, he wasn't acting odd and seemed pro-Illini. Here's my concern, he was with Kevin Tyler who is not currently on the team, he said he didn't make the cut, now Frenchie is leaving, other person with them was Reggie Love. I hope he doesn't catch what they got.
Sucks about Frenchie for sure. I thought Blaise Sparks had potential as a big lineman as well.
EyeoftheIllini is right. 1 July is the deadline for the immediately eligible part of the transfer stipulation.

Most likely the staff asked all players to hold off on transfer decisions until the staff could formally evaluate them and have realistic discussions with them all. And that they promised it would all be complete by late June.

I’m guessing those discussions happened and everyone knows exactly where they stand for this year and the future.

Thus, all the transfers now.
And the delay in transfer announcements gave us all a nice warm and fuzzy feeling when BB said "nobody has requested to transfer"
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