Illini Football 2023

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Was anyone able to renew season tickets online? I had to call and they said yeah we are having issues with the website and they did it by phone

Glad they lowered tickets for most and tiered it. I have seats In one of the sections that kept the same price, but I love my seats and glad they can get more people to fill stadium.
way too early to tell. Its hard to argue with Kane's results on the field. Bullen certainly seems to have the coaching chops that Kane did.

As fans, we should feel real good with how the coaching replacements went
In my opinion, we got upgrades. Yes, including the now boilermaker men. As long as bb is there overseeing, we’re in solid shape. No repeat of any ‘dark’ periods. At least in coaching ability

As far as position coaches, they’re typically there to recruit. Sure, styles of their own, but head coach tells them how they want players coached, ultimately…. Always exceptions
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