Illini Football 2024

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Welcome to the Illinois Football 2024 & College Football thread :illinois:

Spring Game
Saturday, April 20th, 1:00pm CT, BTN (Free Admission)

Illini Football 2024 Schedule

Sat, Aug 31___Eastern Illinois
Sat, Sept 7___Kansas
Sat, Sept 14__Central Michigan (Homecoming)
Sat, Sept 21__at Nebraska
Sat, Sept 28__at Penn State
Sat, Oct 5____--bye--
Sat, Oct 12___Purdue
Sat, Oct 19___Michigan
Sat, Oct 26___at Oregon
Sat, Nov 2____Minnesota
Sat, Nov 9____--bye--
Sat, Nov 16___Michigan State
Sat, Nov 23___at Rutgers
Sat, Nov 30___at Northwestern

Game times will be posted when announced.
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Did DIA ever explain why Homecoming is so early, and against a non-conference opponent?

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very likely the DIA hired an outfit like Accenture or McKinsey , and they came in and found all kinds of little ways to squeeze out more bottom line revenue

many other schools do this already.
And many schools have Dads day as the 2nd or 3rd home game in mid September, often against a G5 opponent
EIU scheduled for week 1 rather than the rumored week 0 answers a lot of questions I had for how the university would handle it with the NCAA moving football up a week this fall compared to normal. Had it been week 0, the game would have been the Saturday before the first day of classes instead of the Saturday after. So would they do stuff to encourage students to come to campus sooner than usual? Would they ask the band, cheerleaders, etc to do their preseason camps two weeks before school instead of the usual one so they have their usual 2 weeks to prep for the first game? All that gets answered by the game being week 1, allowing them to treat it the same as the week 0 games in 2021 and 2022.
We’ll be at worst 5-1 going into that game.
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OK, but the same has been true for the past 30 years, and DIA still put Homecoming in October against a Big Ten opponent.
This way basically guarantees a big crowd in September for HC and again in October for MI. Only other home game in October is the week before Michigan so maybe they figured back to back sellouts was not likely who knows
Back to back road games early in the seasonal and to finish the season is brutal, I don't care who the opponents are...

We absolutely need to be at 5 wins going in to that last 3 game stretch. Would like to go 2-1 but I think it will be rough.
I clearly have not drank enough of the kool-aid this morning... That seems, uh, high, very high. I don't see us doing better than 4-2 in those first 6 games and that would include a favorable Kansas swap out. As is, 3-3 seems most likely to me, hopefully not 2-4.
Is it still the thought that Kansas will be replaced on our schedule? I have not seen anything on that in a while.
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