Illini Football 2024

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Since B1G tv assignments are starting to drop, does anyone think we will get any games on a signature broadcast? Big Noon Kickoff, CBS at 2:30, or NBC Saturday Night?

Maybe, maybe we get the CBS for the Michigan / Re-Dedication game. Although I could see the networks not really caring about that special date for us, and I could also see Michigan sliding a bit if they struggle early in the year against Texas and USC and just aren't going to be in Playoff contention.

Otherwise, we are probably at the mercy of being in a signature time slot if we are playing at Penn State or at Oregon or at Nebraska and they get it due to a fairly weak slate.

My predictions:

Week 1: vs. EIU on BTN (Thur.)
Week 2: vs. Kansas on FS1
Week 3: vs. CMU on BTN or Peacock
Week 4: @ Nebraska on Big Noon Kickoff on Fox (very weak week, USC-UM on CBS, the networks love Nebraska)
Week 5: @ Penn State on FS1 or CBS at noon or Fox not at noon
Week 6: BYE
Week 7: vs. Purdue on BTN
Week 8: vs. Michigan on CBS
Week 9: @ Oregon on NBC
Week 10: vs. Minnesota on Peacock
Week 11: BYE
Week 12: vs. Michigan State on BTN
Week 13: @ Rutgers on BTN
Week 14: @ Northwestern on BTN

Not truly terrible as I went through the schedule. Although I am probably being generous to us.
Yes, I did predict the networks for our first four games correctly...
Kansas game at night and orange out. 2 years ago against Iowa it was a night game and orange out and crowd was pretty damn loud.
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