Illini Football & CFB 2020

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Good read. Well thought out requests/ demands. Not sure if these will be ready for 1st matchup. But big ten is on the clock now. With updated schedule, at risk for cancelling games if this is not taken seriously.
That’s an extensive list. Many are reasonable, but I see little chance of any sports moving forward if this is bar that’s being set. There is risk to the players. No doubt about it. The biggest, but not only, risk is the behavior of their friends and fellow athletes.

I continue to believe any player that has concerns should opt out at no penalty to them. But if they choose to play they have to accept some of the risk. There is no perfect system that will protect them outside of a 100% bubble and that’s not happening.
What is the Big 10 thinking? The last game of the season should be the rivalry game. Illinois vs Northwestern, Ohio State vs Michigan and so on.
I believe they moved those games up this year so as to increase the likelihood of getting them played. If the season is cut short due to having to cancel part of season or delaying games, they don’t want those games to become casualties.
I was pretty optimistic about the old/original schedule --- and was sort of touting a potential 9-3 record if all the dominoes fell our way....and definitely 3-0 to start the season.

Hate to say it, but I can almost see 2-8 or 1-9 with the new one. I'm thinking the experts would have us possibly favored at home vs. Purdue and maybe on the road vs. Rutgers. Underdog in all the rest. 2020 should be a great test to see if Lovie really is our guy!

It is the same conference schedule outside of PSU being added so why the difference?

I'll go ahead and say it: I don't understand why they haven't delayed the season to Spring semester. I get the pursuit of money, traditional season timing, etc., but most every expert puts the timeline for a vaccine around year-end, and what a difference that would make in safety, fan support, etc.. Just doesn't make sense to me in the current environment not to. College football has too many at-risk people involved in it to think there won't be fatalities as a result of putting "normal" timing ahead of safe timing. There's also the unknown issue of long-term affects for people who get it and recover.

This is a head-scratcher to me, but then again, so is the politicization of it. I'm rooting for the athletes not to be taken for granted in this one...
It is the same conference schedule outside of PSU being added so why the difference?
1. No longer having a "gifted" 3-0 start to the season
2. Instead, now starting the season against (#3 in the nation) OSU, while probably getting beat up physically in the process -- followed immediately by two road games in which we'll be the underdog in both
3. Team confidence may now never have a chance develop
3. Adding Penn State to the schedule

I was previously counting quite a bit on building weekly momentum and jumping out to a 3-0, 4-0, 5-0 start. That ain't going' to happen now.
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