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How many times did he guard Lebron? Very limited sample set I'm assuming.
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Plots like these are problematic because there's no context. It doesn't even say what "D-Lebron" actually is.
#280 Think a summary might be: An attempt to make plus/minus a more meaningful stat by applying a bunch of corrections and scaling factors, and then naming the resulting new stat after a player to further confuse things.

My take away, Ayo is very skilled and belongs in the NBA, at least as a defensive player. He’s almost average in +/- D his rookie year and top of the league in on ball defense. As he gains experience, he can learn to use his on ball D skills to be more impactful on the game and that would move him up the chart.
So, to clarify, this is showing he's terrible at on ball defense, right? ... right?

I mean, he's kinda all by himself over there.....

I'll try to make some assumptions of how to interpret the chart. I have no idea if my assumptions are correct, but let's have a go.

Assuming more positive is better than more negative on both the D-LEBRON and ON BALL DEFENSE axes, then the top right is the best of both and the bottom left is the worst of both. Ayo is the most right which means his ON BALL DEFENSE is better than everyone else's. He is slightly below 0 for D-LEBRON. There are still many, many people closer to the bottom of the chart so I wouldn't event call his D-LEBRON terrible--it looks a bit below average.
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