Illini Women's Basketball 2020-2021

They paid their last coach Nikki Fargas 712,000, which I believe is close to what Fahey is making. Can you see Whitman doing something like that for women's basketball? I mean, you could argue Mulkey is one of the top 3 coaches in womens basketball but paying 2.5 mil for a coach in a sport that could never be profitable is crazy.

548k according to the News Gazette. That’s probably the base.
548k according to the News Gazette. That’s probably the base.
$548K is the “base”? What has she done that might justify an enhancement or performance bonus? In terms of revenue, in the last year before COVID, in the B1G only Northwestern had worse attendance. By comparison, attendance at volleyball matches was roughly double attendance at wbb matches (3034 vs 1574). Tamas reportedly earns $340K.
Is she related to the Irvin basketball family in Chicago?

It would appear so.
Westfield, IN
That was my first thought. Not a lot of college experience, although she appears to have done a terrific job at St X for the short time she was there. This team needs a recruiter more than anything else, which I assume is a role in which she will flourish, after 18 years dominating the CPD. Does her husband continue to coach the Mac Irvin Fire? Does he take one of the apparently now open men's assistant positions?