Illini Women's Basketball 2021-2022

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Especially when unless they win against Neb, WI will have been only team in BIG they’ve beaten.
They were shooting lights out from 3 when I watched, but made a lot of bad plays in between that seems like it will doom them. I hope not but it reminded me of BU’s 1st and 2nd year teams.

This team appears young too so they should improve next year.
Girls end the season with a loss to Nebby, not surprising as the Huskers are pretty good. Josh Whitman your table is ready.


The camera never lies
After 5 season's here are Coach Fahey's numbers.

Overall record - 42-99
Big Ten record - 7-77
Record vs ranked teams - 1-19
Bad losses - Western Illinois, Illinois St., Valparaiso, Drury D-2 school (exhibition game), SIUE, SIU.
Last appearance in NCAA Tournament 2003, Last appearance in WNIT - 2013
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