Illini Women's Basketball

Improving the talent level is obviously critical. Just as critical will be establishing an effective offensive and defensive scheme coupled with a level of team discipline and hard work which was lacking in the games I watched.
She would be a nice addition and would give us a fourth top 100 player on the roster. That's a significant upgrade. We've moving in the right direction.
Actually I think we currently have 5. Bostic, Jackson,Cook, Bryant and McKenzie. Peebles was 104. The talent should be there.


Washington State
Not sure if this was reported here in any way. (I'm a Loyalty regular, but just in the Men's basketball forums). Here's a link from a few days ago about the passing of retired UIUC Professor Steve Douglas. He was a college player at KSU and the first Illinois Women's coach. I had a couple classes with him at UIUC. A very good person, imho. Apologies for any duplication of posts.
I haven’t seen any film but she only averaged 4 minutes a game last year for her JC. There may be a reason to look beyond the limited playing time, but it does not inspire confidence.
True, but rebuilding the program and you can't teach height