Illini Women's Basketball 2022

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It’s unbelievable what the WBB team is accomplishing already this year after so many bad years. Hats off to the staff and players. Never been to a ladies game but the wife and I might go. This team is winning me over and hopefully others that haven’t followed in years past. This team should be very proud of themselves.
Wisconsin is one of the bottom dwellers if not the lowest in the conference this season. Nice to go on the road and not see the women throw up an egg.

McKenzie 14-15 from the charity stripe and rest of team 8-8 for a total of 22-23 FT at 95.7% clip is insane!

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I got interested in WBB when Grentz came to the UofI. That was when WCIA carried many of the games and it was easy to get excited. Loved watching those girls play.
Slightly disturbing to see how many more fans attend Wisconsin women’s baasketball as opposed to our attendance. That should change I would think.
Don't believe the numbers that you read in the boxscore. Those are tickets sold, not butts in seats. It's not just Wisky, most teams do that. That being said, Wisky has averaged 3199 home attendance vs. our 2564 this year. I don't understand, though, why we schedule games on Wednesday mornings as we have done twice this year. One of those was to attract grade school kids which gave us our biggest crowd of the year. Not sure why we did the other one when only old farts like me can be there.
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