Illinois 110, Rutgers 101 (3OT) POSTGAME

Agreed. I have been impressed by him lately. His game around the basket is what we need. He can get some easy baskets. The play where he shot got his own rebound and scored was very impressive.

I thought it was awesome how he tried to finish with his left at least twice that I saw. One was a floater and the other was the shot he missed at the end of the first half. He didn't finish either one but both were strong moves that he will finish next year. There aren't many guards in the country that have the ability to score with both hands like that.
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"You look like a late sleeper." That made me laugh.

I didn't see the game live but did DVR it (luckily I set my live event recordings to go for an extra hour). I have watched the third overtime three times so far. What a gutty performance by our guys. While on the surface this was a contest between two "also-rans" in the B1G, I couldn't be prouder of the way our guys battled.


What's with him asking the players if it's scary to play in games like this??? I've heard him ask several players that before. :chief::usa: