Illinois 24, Purdue 6 POSTGAME

Game Comparison
Total Yds268271
Pass Yds26136
Rush Yds242135
1st Downs1417
3rd Downs4-145-18
4th Downs0-01-2
Total Plays6077
Avg Yds/Play4.53.5
Avg Yds/Completion8.79.1
Avg Yds/Rush4.63.1
Sack-Adj Rush Yd(Avg)251 (4.8)142 (3.4)
Red Zone3-41-1
Time of Poss32:2327:37
Turnovers (Def Pts Off)0 (0)2 (14)
Sacks (Def Yds)2 (7)1 (9)
TFL (Def Yds)8 (22)8 (24)
Current Drive
We brought a solid gameplan and executed.

We looked a little soft on D(normal for a Lovie defense) at times but this was a sloppy game and we looked like the only team with a focus on the field which has not been the case before.

Things are looking good.
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Love the execution & better discipline today. We looked good out of the blocks. This team has played hard for a month now, it is paying off with wins finally. Quiet the "fire Lovie Smith" crowd. Way to follow up the big upset win last week. Congratulations coach Smith & his staff & the Fighting Illini football team! Hail to the orange, hail to the blue!!!!
Everyone and their dog knows the drops aided the defensive efforts today but regardless, Lovie called a phenomenal football game. You don’t chase Purdue and Lovie knew that. We did a phenomenal job of taking away space, filling up lanes and bringing players down on first contact. Great job today Lovie.