Illinois 38, Rutgers 10 POSTGAME

Winged Warrior
A lucky fluke victory!

I wanted to see more Coran. That Chase brown run looked nice too

Same. I thought both kids showed some spark and it would have been nice to see more. Hopefully Chase won’t get to 5 and burn his redshirt. Still kinda hoped we would have kept Brandon in, he needs a ton of work but I’m happy with the end result.

Now to a big one.
Don't look now but Illinois has won 3 straight Big 10 games (when is the last time that has occurred?)

Michigan State up next and I think they are coming off a bye week to prepare for this good Illinois Football team.

Great win today guys.
Little annoyed at the complete absence of Daniel Barker in the game plan today. One end zone option on a second read, that’s it. The kid is playing too well this year to phase out and if we can only throw the ball to Donny or Josh, MSU is gonna have an easy week of prep.