Illinois 38, Wyoming 6 Postgame

It also looked like he was going through his progressions much better and quicker than the other quarterbacks that we have used the last couple of years.
I think that might also be a credit to BLJ using appropriate play design. Most FBS QBs can cycle through 3 options on their drops, but if the timing and design of that cycle are garbage it doesn't matter and makes the QB look bad. Some of that is considering the talent on the field and who would be open first, second, and third.
Call me a hater, but other than one nice pass downfield I don't think Devito did anything impressive in that game. Defense and Chase Brown won that game. Averaging 5 Y/A and only getting a couple completions more than 10 yards beyond the LOS is going to be a serious problem against teams with stronger defenses like in B10 play. I wish we could have seen some more designed QB runs or options with Brown so we could get a better sense of Devito's athleticism. So far I didn't see anything that made me think he was better than Peters.
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