Illinois 41, Nebraska 23 Postgame

BU:1 Trash cans:0
Tuned in late. Huge win! Will need to go back and watch the replay to see how it happened.
Montgomery County, Maryland
285 yards rushing against the Black Shirt defense. (Or maybe 271 against their D and 14 for Blake Hayes against the ST?)

But for a scary looking injury to a Nebraska player, I'd say it was a perfectly enjoyable game end to end.
Rod’s play calling looked good today, because they executed. Might have been good all year, but the players messed it up. Great win
Bethalto, IL
I'm hard on this staff, but I have to give them credit today. Good gameplan and good execution. Of course Nebraska was abysmal, but either way we took advantage of it.
First win in Lincoln since 1924 & on black shirt day. Great win for the coaches & players! Three tough foes ahead of us. We play like this, who knows?!
So Illinois has a 2-1 record when their first or second string QB starts the game. Surprise surprise Illini aren’t good enough to win with their 4th string QB and missing a dozen or so players. But turns out they’re not too bad when just about at full strength.

Good game and fun game to watch.
Kelso, WA
The Illini have now won their last two straight games in a row without a loss! Very refreshing.
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