Illinois 62, Penn State 56 POSTGAME

Winged Warrior
Nothing really pretty but all gritty about this one. This win is typical of this Illini team when they do well....they play hard and together with a ton of blunders and a ton of amazing plays by Ayo and Feliz. I for one cannot believe the game Ayo had a week after we all were certain his season was over. Maybe his best offensive game and mostly under control and several finishes while getting hammered. This win was HUUUUUUUGE for getting a tourney bid. Loved the no commercials broadcast and hearing the coaches in the huddle. Never seen that before but was sure enjoyable. That said...there is now no reason why the Illini cannot end their season on a five game winning streak.
Clutch win for the guys, happy for them, break the skid on the road against Top 25. First since 2014 they stated. Ayo is our leader hands down, he loves the moment, Trent/Dre gets us going, Ayo finishes for us.

This was a team win, anyone wanting to ask why DMW is so key, name another player at his size to neutralize Stephens this year. DMW was key to this win, scoring aside...he did score like 10 points btw (the ones that Stephens didn't get against us)!

Anyone thinking Kofi won't be back and will be a NBA pick this year, just remember he had the other teams smallest guy on him 2 times, no results, 1 time with Stephens (an athlete) but about 6-7 or so, nothing that time, and he played off his guy when the PG drove to the basket and hadn't shot the entire game...3 point play for the Lions...Love Kofi, he needs seasoning though!!

Lets finish 4-1 on the last 4 and we look great going into bye week!