Illinois 64, Oakland 53 Postgame

Oakland was not out there running a traditional 1-3-1. That was a point zone. They ran it well and it’s a hard zone to create opportunities against if you’re not going 5 out with 5 shooters. They found a defense that works for them and they lock down in it. If you don’t see it regularly, it’s gonna catch you and make you look like we looked last night.
After rewatching the game I wasn’t as discouraged. Their offense wasn’t terrible, just their shooting. They created good shots at all three levels but couldn’t make anything including bunnies under the basket. Have no idea what causes the whole team to go tilt but if was one or two guys, you sub them out and continue. When it’s the whole team you need to check that days menu.
We were up 16 with under a minute left (then they scored 5 as we were essentially dribbling out the clock), and that’s after a horrific first few minutes of the game.

All that to say, we had an ugly game overall and won easily. That’s a good thing. What matters is, will we have 3-5 “ugly” games this year, or 15? Time will tell… and we’ll just have to overreact in the meantime.
That's 'cause we do it so well . . .
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Greenville, SC
Imo Oakland is way underhanded in kenpom, conference etc, took both OSU and Illinois deep into the second half on the road. We have the potential to be one of the best defensive teams in the country, just need to figure out the offense
They needed to figure out offense last year also. When do you think that might happen? Can't shoot free throws to save their lives and the 3 point shooting appears to be no different than last year. This isn't football where defense can win you a championship. You have to be able to score and you will have to be able to finish a team by making free throws.