Illinois 68, Michigan 53 Postgame



Baltimore, MD
Well it was ugly, but it's a character building win. This game goes to show how important dribble drive penetration is to our offense. Once we get that penetration we are so good at finding an open look. Curbelo's creativeness in finding a way into the lane would have made a huge difference in the first 30 minutes tonight.

As far as Hawkins goes, I think the game just hasn't slowed down for him yet. I think we'll see a noticable improvement even by the end of the year and a jump next year. Kofi was Kofi and Trent was Trent down the stretch and that's all we needed.

I don't want to give Michigan much credit, but that DeVante Jones is a player, even if his offensive number don't look efficient.
Never a doubt

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Game went pretty much as expected with depth of talent proving too much for a good Mi. effort to overcome. Love this team and their ability to play together and win against a myriad of challenges and schemes. Just keep gaining confidence and getting better. Good job!