Illinois 69, Old Dominion 55 POSTGAME

Ho-Hum, did what we were supposed to do, not as much effort, but that is a given with the opponent and the week. Bench late, made Vegas happy I believe.

Start prepping for the real games now.
Took care of business like we should have. (That's what I like to see). Now lets knock Misery's teeth out!
Bench guys could have closed it out better.

Most important thing was we avoided the letdown and took care of business against an inferior opponent.

When he had Tev ready to come in, I was hoping he would leave more of the remaining starters out there. Wanted to see what he (or BBV) looks like with the guys he's likely (hopefully) to be on the court with when it matters, not the full on mop up crew.
? Butch commented well.. and bench effort ? Alan has 15 points, Feliz contributed quite a bit and kipper looked good tonight as well
To clarify by bench I meant deep bench during last 5 minutes, my bad on being vague... Agree with you on Feliz, Kipper, and Griffin. As far as Butch, it comes down to personal taste I guess.

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Great that Tevian and subs got in the game. Griffin, nice. Kipper, nice job.

I'll say it again: Watch every moment Kofi plays at Illinois - he may not be in Champaign too long. A one-arm rebound! I'm sure it's happened before, but I haven't seen it. NBA scouts must be salivating.

Illini: score in the classroom, too! Just as important - probably more important for your futures - than success on the court.
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