Illinois 71, Wisconsin 70 POSTGAME

Telling people not to complain about officiating is like telling them not to complain about the weather or anything else for that matter. Some will complain, some won't.
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Guys, be honest....even the best teams in the B1G can't be confident of winning on the road this year. Everybody getting knocked off. Hell the Kitties almost got IU in Bloomy? Wtf B1G?
I agree with you, refs have a tough, thankless job. No matter what the call is, 50% think it's the wrong one.

I locked in at about the 10 minute mark of the 1st half. Now, allowing for leniency in both directions, did you see a game that was called differently from half to half? From minute to minute? Did you see any truly wild calls? I didn't. If we make free throws, we cruise home.

We made far more errors that effected the game, we made far more great plays that effected the game(as did Wisconsin)....those refs had 0% impact.

I don't mean to come across like I'm telling anyone to STFU. Absolutely not. I think that "we" as a fan base default to the refs being at fault if we lose or are behind.

Do you see any of that as inaccurate?

Honestly, as I saw it we were getting jobbed by the refs a bit (not totally, just a bit) until about 5-6 minutes left in the game. Then there were some questionable calls on Wisconsin. It felt like a few makeup calls. And then they pretty much swallowed their whistles at the end.

I did think we got the short stick for most of the game, but by the end it kind of evened out. As I said in a different post, every B1G team gets some home cooking. We get it in CU as well.
I would certainly agree that we made far more errors than the margin of effect by the bad calls. I'd need to watch the replay for more specific examples but one would be the last one Kofi picked up which I believe was his 4th. Incredibly ticky tack and inconsistent with the plays immediately preceding it & the rest the game. One more of those on him and we likely lose. I feel like those are fair to criticize and can make a difference in tight games. Is it the refs fault that we lose? Maybe technically so on occasion but it's certainly on us to play better than that margin. To be clear, this goes our way at times as well, so it should wash out in aggregate but it's just an annoying part of the game that takes away from the experience.
Yeah, not sure how i forgot, GB's , 1 and 1. ( i was quite annoyed he got the ball ).Last play, no foul, no call. Had nothing to do with refs letting players decide.

This particular play is the only blemish really for BU last night...Giorgi is a 61% FT shooter? He is your out to get the ball across? Feliz was directly past giorgi. Now granted if he is there because the defense will ignore him so he "can" get the ball to foul, one thing, but if thats the case he could have touched passed to Feliz to avoid the FT situation also.

As I said, really the only blemish, BU did very very well yesterday. Chin's gameplan and BU and staff with players carrying it out! Well done staff!

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Watching the game again - AG really playing pretty solid D - know when to stick, when to help. GB's first two fouls were REALLY weak calls. Unfortunately I think he has a rep with the wild elbows and its hurting him now. Reevers really got away with a few chicken wings GB would have gotten called.
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I thought the officiating was bad most of the game. They called some ticky tack fouls on us, yet allowed Wisconsin to hand check us and body us all night. I'm not saying what they called on us weren't fouls. I'm also not blaming the officials if we had lost. As someone else pointed out, we missed enough bunnies and free throws to have had a comfortable lead. The ticky tack fouls on Kofi, GB, and Griffin affected who were had in the game and consequently our play. But like a good team should do, we overcame and won a hard fought game that could have gone either way. As I always say, good teams create their own luck with hard work and preperation.
The reffing cuts both ways. I agree that many of the fouls were our own fault. There were a number of instances where we reverted back to last years problems and got way too handsy, and the refs rightfully called those. With that said, the refs absolutely were giving Wiscy too much home cooking, and there were inconsistencies, particularly with Reuvers in the post and allowing Wiscy guards to push off. The very first offensive foul called on Ayo in the beginning of the game should have set the precedent for guard play. If you squint, there were 2 instances where the refs recognized it was fishy- the foul called on Dre to end the half doesn’t get called 9/10 times, except when the foul discrepancy gets out of whack. BU was also in the refs ear the final 5 minutes of the game when the foul discrepancy again was like 7-1 in Wisconsin’s favor or something like that, and it looked to me like they listened.
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I haven't read all the posts here so if this was mentioned before, I apologize.
This game reminded me of many Lou Henson led games where his teams scratched and clawed the whole game until the end game came and you never knew if we would pull it out or not. On the edge of my seat I was and enjoying every second of it. And there were plenty of fouls to go around and like last night, everybody was still in the game at the end!! Anywho, last night was fun. Now for the consistency.
Watching the game again - AG really playing pretty solid D - know when to stick, when to help. GB's first two fouls were REALLY weak calls. Unfortunately I think he has a rep with the wild elbows and its hurting him now. Reevers really got away with a few chicken wings GB would have gotten called.
I did not watch all the game last night but skipped through after watching GOAT. But, after watching in its entirety today, I concluded that this may have been the team's best, hardest working, and strategically sound defensive game I have seen a BU Illini team play. Griffin worked very hard on the defensive end, other than a couple fouls given birth from inexperience which I hope will disappear, and Ayo really made some smart defensive moves along with all others who seemingly played tough, mostly smart, and with great effort. Wisky did not build an insurmountable lead by exchanging 3 for 2, winning the turnover battle, and making smart plays around the rim. They tried to do that, but we tried hard to stop that, resulting in a chance to overcome a 7 pt. deficit in the last 5 minutes with a storm of threes....which is what happened. The defensive play displayed last night needs to become the norm and learning to know what and when to do things (playing the game) seems to continue to improve. With essentially two frosh starters and two soph starters the team on the floor at crunch time is still a young team learning to become B1G warriors ready to play smart basketball with anyone. Not there yet by a longshot, but at least showed signs last night. Love watching the process and seeing Griffin and Nichols stepping up to what they can become. Smart play impresses me infinitely more than any dunk ever made....and I could care less if any Illini ever dunks....but Kofi needs to do just that after missing so many point blank bankers....and he tries to bring the hammer often enough while getting hammered too often. Wisky is the poster child of taking less athletic kids and teaching them how to play smart, winning basketball, The season can be salvaged into a dance bid but it will take great effort and some good bounces that these kids are earning.

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Watching the last minute of the game is a thing of beauty. The same set got Ayo the layup and the 3 pointer. TF brings ball up, Ayo comes up from left wing, AG cuts for opposite corner/wing 3 point position with screen from Giorgi, Kofi screens for Ayo - rolls - but Wisconsin now instead of hedging with a big- they stay with Kofi on both those shots and Ayo take it to the rim on one with ease, and sheds Davidson for the 3 on the other. Really nice adjustment by Ayo on taking what Wisconsin was giving.
So let me make sure I have this right - you don’t like people complaining about the calls you didn’t see?

There was plenty to take issue with last night’s calls (we did have plenty of dumb fouls, too). It’s possible to both complain about officiating while also recognizing your team needs to do better and should be good enough to overcome that. Refs have a tough, thankless job in general but that doesn’t excuse the huge changes in consistency throughout and across games. Call it loose (my preference) or call it tight but just be consistent. Telling everyone to stfu about it just lets it slide and that’s worse for college hoops overall imo.
I personally have no respect for those few in the stands who stand and yell at the refs, especially on any call against the home team. This team won on the road in Madison!!! There cannot possibly be any legit complaint about officiating in view of the fact that for more than 100 years the B1G has set the standard for lopsided home court bias. This is not perceived bias but based on factual history of statistics.

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I like to checkout the enemy's fan forum. Take a look at Buckyville Badger site. Some positive comments about Illini; it appears they earned some Badger fans' respect. Coach, too. All in all, posters were pretty much on target about Illini strengths and weaknesses - until the second half.
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Here's a couple more stats for you all:

-Last school year Illinois defeated Wisconsin in basketball and football: 2002-03 (Football won at Camp Randall 37-20; Basketball defeated Wisconsin at Assembly Hall 69-63 but later lost second to last game of regular season at Kohl Center 60-59).
-Last school year Illinois swept Wisconsin in basketball and football: 1989-90 (Football won at home 32-9; Basketball defeated Wisconsin at Assembly Hall in the conference opener 73-59 before winning at Wisconsin Field House a few weeks later 66-63).
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Telling people not to complain about officiating is like telling them not to complain about the weather or anything else for that matter. Some will complain, some won't.
Neither here nor there really but, I officiate occasionally low level as my penance for yelling at referees. I realize what a difficult job it is but, it doesn’t really help when I’m in the stands for a team I have rooting interest for. Maybe a little but, I still complain about calls I disagree with.