Illinois 72, Kansas State 64 Postgame



Winged Warrior
We looked better (not hard) and, more importantly, avoided the worst case scenario.

I want to believe we are still a top 4-seed team, and these guys have the opportunity to show me. If our preseason goals are even remotely achievable, we’ll be on a 5-game winning streak when Arizona comes to town. Let’s get some confidence back vs. UT-Rio Grande Valley and keep moving forward.

Edit: PLUMMER!!!!
Thank goodness for Plummer tonite. We look so much better when we play force the action racehorse ball Our athletes have more opportunity to score. Hope BU saw this and encourages it.
No scout, but

Kofi looks improved this year on kicking the ball out. That’s gonna be a big deal.

Hutch is legit. You guys were right. The more he plays the more acclimated he will get. Makes very heady plays.

Have a bad feeling about Trent the way they carried him off.

What’s the deal with Payne? He never plays in the second half. His minutes aren’t that bad.

Plummer has no conscious and I love it. Let it rip.


Denver, CO
arkansas beat them by the exact same score we did
And we didn’t even play great. I’d give that actually our B- grade of basketball. Can’t wait to be on our A+ game.

Yes, I realized Arkansas is probably not playing up to their potential right now either. I haven’t really watched.
I don't think that curbello's neck was the issue, he seemed sick.
I've noticed the Cupping Bruises on Curbello's neck before tonight. Something must be going on there and this is the first it's visibly impacted him.