Illinois 76, Minnesota 71 (OT) POSTGAME

The Chief Lives
Chicago, IL
The story of how we (Orange Krush) managed to get front row seats in Minnesota's student section on Saturday:
A group of us did the exact same thing during a Krush road trip to Northwestern back in 2009. We sat right in the middle of one of their student sections behind the basket. The main Krush block unveiled their colors during team introductions, but we waited for tip-off. We didn't last very long down there though, because a defensive lineman from their football team was right next to us and cleared us out pretty quickly.

We won that one in pretty dramatic fashion as well, with DMac hitting his patented floater in the lane with 2.7 seconds left.
This is as good a time as any, to remember that despite being an armchair coach, we all bleed orange and blue. While we may feel justified in being disappointed with the product on the court, we must never forget that the players on the court are young men that chose to represent the University of Illinois for their prime college years, and we, as fans of the Illini, should still cheer for them. Hell, how many of us would have the same composure sneaking into an opponent's courtside seats?

The Chief Lives
Chicago, IL
This is one of my favorite things to read about every year. :)

Who's making sure that this never happens to the Krush? It would take a more devious plot, for sure, but it's gotta be somebody's white whale.
I remember when I was in Krush, we would always know hours before tip-off if another team's student section was going to be there. I don't think I ever saw anyone try the undercover approach like we do.