Illinois 81, Nebraska 71 Postgame


The Galloping Ghost

Washington, DC

Payne and Hawk come up absolutely huge down the stretch. Trent just does what he does when it's needed most. Thank goodness that’s over with.


Baltimore, MD
Payne definitely deserves some credit in this one. Some big time plays down the stretch when Kofi went to the bench with 4.

I hate to think where this team is if Frazier didn't return for his super senior season.

You've got to win ugly games on the road and we managed to do that tonight. I'm sure BU and Co have plenty of tape for the team to learn from.

Ignatius Shang

3rd year PhD, school of Information Sciences
Champaign, IL
BIG road games are never easy, and this Nebraska team is full of talent. Plus the team, especially Kofi looks exhausted.
So being able to win this game does tell a lot. You can always rely on Trent on these difficult games, and Payne making great progress means Kofi could rest more.


Kofi probably should have shot at least 8 more FTs but doesn't matter if you miss them all. He looked pretty gassed at times compared to normal. Payne has been quietly giving good minutes the last couple games and now we can see it with more time.
Probably looking ahead to Michigan a bit and I wouldn’t be shocked if Kofi was under the weather—he had no lift and looked slow. The fact he still put up 16 and 13 speaks to his greatness. Hope the o’fer at the line was an anomaly.

That said…if this game gives Omar some confidence, that will pay dividends down the road. He was awesome. Plummer needs to find a way to contribute in other ways when his shot isn’t falling.