Illinois 84, Purdue 70 POSTGAME







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Illini spank PU at home and my son finally starts walking @ 15 months. A great evening!

Captain Bubbles

Fairfield, IL
I wore my Illini hoodie today and Illinois wins. #Bingo

A great win and much needed at that. Confidence booster.


Southern Illinois
Didn't realize Purdue had the best D in the country. Props to the guys for stepping up tonight.


Just a great effort all around today. Really impressive zone defense in the second half. Good win, now lets hope the Illini build on it! ILL
And to think I got attacked on this board just for saying we had a chance. Enjoy your delicious crow people. :thumb:

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One thing is for certain, we have two great basketball players.


Logan Square, Chicago
Hill and Nunn are barely over half-way done with their Big Ten games at Illinois.

Bob Christiansen

4th & Chalmers, a few years ago...Now? Weeki Wach
Was watching the Pack/Skins game...keeping an eye on the Illini score...nope, time to turn over to the Illini!!! Great win, when the boys play like they did today, they can go far...